About the Artist

About the Artist

Art Expression Programs for people living with disability, mental illness or aging

An expressive, creative and therapeutic tool for people living with disability or mental illness.

‘Jane Tonks Art Expression’ is a new art service offering creative art programs to people in the disability, mental health and aged care sectors. As both a professional practicing visual artist and as an experienced Disability Support Worker, Jane  has the practical knowledge, skills and aptitude to develop regular art programs to support clients, tailored specifically to their abilities and strengths.  Jane is passionate about developing a service that combines her love of art with the rewards of creating expressive, creative opportunities for people with a disability, mental illness or frail-aged. Participation in art activities has the powerful ability to enrich people’s life experiences, creativity and expressive opportunities. Art can soothe, heal, excite the imagination, release tension, raise self-esteem and self-satisfaction, enhance quality of life, engage people in mindfulness and immerse the senses!

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About the Artist – Jane Tonks

Jane is a painter, printmaker, photographer,  living in Orange, Regional NSW.  Jane has graduated with a Diploma of Fine Arts qualification. She enjoys all aspects of art making, working as a practicing professional Artist and a Disability Support Worker.  She combines these two passions to offer art programs to people living with Disability, Mental Illness and Aging. Her artwork is for sale and can also be hired at very affordable rates.