Hot off the easel

The Sentinel of the summit (Small)

The Sentinel of the summit – Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

This is the latest work in a series of paintings I am working on looking at the subject of snow gums and the amazing shapes of the twisting, contorted limbs as they bend against winter winds. The snow gum is a great icon for the concept of endurance and resilience against adversity. As the layers of bark peel back with the weathering of the elements, beauty is revealed in a kaleidoscope of colour in the new growth.

Colours of Arkaroola (Small)The colours of Arkaroola – Acrylic on stonehenge

This is another in the Series of paintings from my recent journey to the amazing Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. What a breath-taking place and what a fantastic trip with fellow artists, lead by Joy Engelman!  There will be many more paintings to come inspired by this beautiful, spiritual landscape.  Watch this space………