Upcoming Solo Printmaking Exhibition – ‘Vertigo Warriors’

Here is a little teaser for my upcoming exhibition ‘Vertigo Warriors’ which will be held at Jayes Gallery in Molong from Friday the 4th April until Sunday the 4th May. I hope you can join me for the opening on Friday 4th April or visit the exhibition sometime throughout the month it is on show. Mark it in your diary. I would love to see you there! Jane 🙂

Learning how to fly Blue Black (2)Etching, Aquatint – Learning how to fly

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Artist Statement
Prints appeal to me as they have the beautiful qualities of a limited, handmade, collectable piece of original artwork. It is the manual, meditative process of Printmaking that I find so appealing. Each plate requires a labour of love, creativity and patience. My artworks are full of whimsical figures and landscapes that intertwine to create quirky narratives on life.

‘Vertigo’, the fear of falling over the edge, is a metaphor for the devastation you feel when diagnosed with cancer. The imagery of ‘paper-chain’ figures in these prints is an icon for the many ‘Warrior Women’ who are going through or have gone through breast cancer. They represent the many wonderful women I have met along the way and the strength and resilience gained through personal caring networks of family and friends. The paper chain image exhibits qualities of both strength and fragility in equal measure.

As time has progressed, these figures seem to have taken on a lifeforce of their own and I’m never sure what they will be doing next, however, there is always a deeper examination and expression of emotion and mortality underlying the whimsical notions. I hope these artworks resonates with a powerful message about resilience, survival and hope.