Artist Statements

Written in the language of omens Firery Banksia Ganguddy Country So many winters It's written in the trees (reduced) Into the mist - (Reduced)

 Image of JaneArtist Statement – Painting

My artwork is an expression and extension of self, a form of meditation, a passionate lifestyle choice. In my painting, I attempt to impart the viewer, not with a sense of seeing, but rather a sense of being part of the landscape, of deep belonging and spiritual connection. The works are an examination of the fragility and vulnerability of the natural environment and its dual capacity for resilience, endurance and strength.  There are often subtle narratives within the works linking the mirrored fragility and resilience of the human condition to the qualities of the natural environment. In the presence of landscape, a powerful response is evoked when the mind is stilled and the sacred is allowed to reveal itself in the interconnection and oneness of all things. I try to tap into this energy when I create my artwork. The mediums I work with are oil and acrylic painting, mixed media drawing, photography and printmaking, including etching, collagraph, linocut and woodblock printing. My art focuses on the exploration of landscape and whimsical figurative narratives.

Thoughts on Printmaking

“Prints appeal to me as they are usually small in size and have the beautiful qualities of a limited, handmade, collectable piece of artwork. I think it is the manual process of Printmaking that I find so appealing. Each plate requires a labour love, creativity and patience. Etching, carving, gluing, inking up, wiping down and rolling through the press is a process which engrosses the senses and takes the printmaker into a deep meditative state. I love it! Oh course, it can also be quite frustrating when the prints don’t work out, but the reward of a success print at the end of your efforts is very satisfying! “ Jane Tonks  

Artist Statement – Printmaking

Many of the prints presented in this collection are an artistic expression of my recent journey with breast cancer.  I have documented the emotional and physical journey of cancer & treatment with the exploration of mortality, resilience, self-esteem and recovery.   A series of etchings, collagraphs and woodblock prints document a time-line through diagnosis, operations, chemotherapy, hair loss, battered self-esteem, physical weakness, questioning, depression & the full circle to hope and recovery.   Some of the prints are stark and confronting in their subject depiction. Others are more subtle. I have drawn upon the imagery of paper-chain ladies as an icon for the many women who are going through or have gone through breast cancer. This imagery also represents the many wonderful women I have met along the way and the strength and resilience gained through caring personal networks.   I hope these artworks resonate with a powerful message about resilience, survival and hope.

dreams-of-flight-small On-our-way-to-the-great-unknown learning-how-to-fly-reduced pr21-moonlight-shadow-dance On-the-trail-with-Yuranigh-and-Major-Mitchell