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Escape Art Hire

You’ll be surprised just how affordable it really is!

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Escape Art Hire, representing Central West Artists, Jane Tonks and Joel Tonks

Fine art for:  *Waiting Rooms *Professional Consultation Rooms  *Conference Rooms  *Foyers  *Offices  *Motels  *Real Estate & Display Homes  *Your Home *Anywhere! 
*Free delivery and collection within 150km radius of Orange

Why consider hiring fine art?

Are the walls of your work place or home bare and beige?  Are you tired of old faded prints? Would you like to showcase interesting, original fine art on your walls but believe that you can’t afford it? Well, we have the answer for you. Escape Art Hire offers an affordable way to bring colour, life and interest to your business or home. You can select from our diverse range of oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, limited edition etchings and prints, all for a low weekly fee. You get to hang the artwork for a six or twelve month period, with the option to renew your hire, replace with a fresh artwork, or terminate the hire at the end of the period. If you are a registered business, your art hire fee is even tax deductible! Quality fine art has the ability to fire the imagination, spark curiosity, engage the intellect, soothe and uplift the soul. Research has shown that art can have a calming effect on people experiencing anxiety in environments such as waiting rooms & professional consultation rooms. It can also create an uplifting and vibrant aesthetic to the workplace, boosting a sense of belonging and pride in the workplace. So if keeping both your clients and employees happy and engaged is a priority, art hire is an effective and affordable way to enhance to your business.

Free 1 month trial

As an introduction to Escape Art Hire, we invited you to select an artwork for one month’s free trial. I encourage you to take advantage of this free trial period and experience for yourself the enhanced aesthetics to your home or professional environment and positive psychological benefits that fine art can bring.

 Hire periods:

  • 24 weeks  (Approx. six months) – 6 x four-weekly payments
  • 52 weeks (Twelve months) – 13 x four-weekly payments
  • Short term hire for special functions or circumstances may be arranged by consultation.

Hanging of artworks, Delivery and Pick-up:

The delivery and pick up of artworks is a free service within a 150km radius from Orange.  Courier fees will be applicable if delivery is outside this radius. Pick-up and delivery will generally take place on the first business day of each month, (other times by arrangement). Artworks can be hung for you on delivery if a suitable hanging system is already in place, however it is the lessee’s responsibility to provide an adequate hanging system (hook, nails, picture rail etc).

How to select an artwork from the Escape Art Hire Gallery:

Simply click on the artwork. This will take you to an ‘enquiry’ link where you can arrange the hire of the desired artwork.

Hire fees:

Paintings, drawings, etchings and woodblock prints are available for hire, starting from very affordable weekly fees. Make your selection from the images below.  A wide selection of Etchings & Prints are also available for hire.  (Minimum hire of two prints).  Make your print selection from the ‘Printmaking’ Gallery Page by clicking on the artwork and following the ‘enquiry’ link next to the artwork.

Payments – Direct Debits every four-weeks:

The hire fee is payable once every four weeks, starting with the commencement of the hire agreement.  E.g.  If the hire fee is $10 /week, then the four-weekly payment will be $40.  Setting up an automatic, four-weekly direct-deposit  from your bank account into the nominated Escape Art Hire bank account is easy and takes the hassle out of remembering to pay for your hire fee. If you use internet banking, you will be able to set up the direct deposit payment schedule yourself. If you are unable to do this, your bank will be able to do this for you.  Simply download the ‘Hire Agreement’ form below for Escape Art Hire banking details.

Insurance: Damage to artwork, theft and public liability

The Lessee is asked to list the artwork under their ‘Contents’ insurance policy to insure against any potential theft or damage. This is a simple and economical strategy to protect the artwork whilst in your care. In the event of damage or theft, the Renter is liable for the full agreed market value of the artwork. Public Liability: By signing the Hire Agreement, the renter agrees that any potential public liability claim resulting from having an artwork on your premises must be covered by the Renter’s insurance policy. Escape Art Hire will accept no responsibility for any public liability claim.

Escape Art Hire Agreement Form Download:

The Art Hire  Agreement Form is a simple document, outlining the terms and conditions of hire. The acknowledgement of Insurance conditions must be signed. The artwork/s will be delivered to you once the ‘Hire Agreement’  has been received and a direct deposit payment schedule has been set up from your bank account. Delivery of artwork/s and commencement of hire will usually takes place on the first business day of the month, but can be arranged at other times if required.  Download the PDF form below and return by post or scan to the email address provided. 

Escape Art Hire Agreement Form


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