Past Exhibitions

‘Elevation’ Exhibition, Jayes Gallery Molong – July/August 2015

‘Elevation’, an exhibition of paintings by Jane Tonks is her second solo exhibition as an emerging regional artist. The exhibition was opened by Bradley Hammond, prominent Artist and Arts Curator, Orange Health Service, Art & Health & Collections Manager, Orange Regional Gallery.
The exhibition investigates alternative views of Mt. Canobolas, from the hieroglyphics of the scribbly gum, to dainty wildflower alpine heath, from crisp starry nights to the snow covered mountain top. Inspired by 18th Century printmaker, Hokusai, Jane attempts to convey the impact that this volcanic landscape has on our sense of place. She investigates the concept that being close to nature elevates us to a higher spiritual plane….one where we are no longer masters of our environment, but rather an integral and harmonious part of nature where all things connect in a universal language.

Wild Women of Arkaroola Plus Exhibition
Queen Street Gallery, Woollahra – August 2014

Ancient, rugged beauty and majestic spiritual presence defines the landscape of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in South Australia’s northern Flinders Ranges. This exhibition was inspired by a journey to Arkaroola by a group of Artists lead by Artist Joy Engelman. The exhibition was held at Queen Street Gallery, Woollahra and features the diverse works of the group of women (+ one man) which have become known as the Wild Women of Arkaroola Plus.



‘Vertigo Warriors’ Exhibition, Jayes Gallery Molong –  April/May 2014

The exhibition ‘Vertigo Warriors’ was held at Jayes Gallery and was opened by master Printmaker, Tim Winters.  The theme of the exhibition was based upon my emotional and spiritual response to the challenges and changes faced on the road through treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Printmaking provides me with a very cathartic way to document my journey and express myself.  Prints appeal to me as they have the beautiful qualities of a limited, handmade, collectable piece of original artwork. It is the manual, meditative process of Printmaking that I find so appealing. Each plate requires a labour of love, creativity and patience. My artworks are full of whimsical figures and landscapes that intertwine to create quirky narratives on life.

Artist Statement:  ‘Vertigo’, the fear of falling over the edge, is a metaphor for the devastation you feel when diagnosed with cancer. The imagery of ‘paper-chain’ figures in these prints is an icon for the many ‘Warrior Women’ who are going through, or have gone through breast cancer. The paper chain exhibits qualities of both strength and fragility in equal measure. These whimsical figures represent the many wonderful women I have met along the way and the strength and resilience gained through personal caring networks of family and friends. As time has progressed, these figures seem to have taken on a life-force of their own and I’m never sure what they will be doing next, however, there is always a deeper examination and expression of emotion and mortality underlying the whimsical notions. I hope these artworks resonate with a powerful message about resilience, survival and hope.

Print Profiles; Printmakers from the region – June/July 2013

It was a delight to take part in the exhibition, ‘Print Profiles: Printmakers from the region’ held at Cowra Regional Gallery from 22 June – 28 July 2013.  Included in this exhibition were works by Tim Winters, Lynn Winters, Judy Thatcher, Bill Moseley and David Stanley.  Here a couple of pics from the opening.


Australian Daydream’ Exhibition – February 2013

The Australian Daydream Exhibition was a joint exhibition featuring Jane Tonks and her son, Joel Tonks. Jane and Joel painted together over many months to produce this body of new works for their exhibition. Both Joel and Jane are emerging artists. Jane received her Diploma of Fine Arts in 2011 and has received a $10,000 ‘Artstart’ Grant from Australia Council for the Arts in 2012/2013 to develop a professional arts practise. At the time of the exhibition, Joel was starting his third year of study towards his Bachelor of Creative Arts/Media Arts through the University of Wollongong.  Joel is the recipient of numerous art awards.

P5 Printmakers’ Exhibition – October 2012

The P5 Exhibition was a group show of fellow Printmaking Fine Art students from Orange Tafe, showcasing their year’s work under teacher and master printmaker, Tim Winters. The exhibition featured artists: Jane Tonks, Judy Thatcher, Catherine Taragel, Sarah Carter and Alaina Moffet.

“Prints appeal to me as they are usually small in size and have the beautiful qualities of a limited, handmade, collectable piece of artwork.

I think it is the manual process of Printmaking that I find so appealing. Each plate requires a labour love, creativity and patience. Etching, carving, glueing, inking up, wiping down and rolling through the press is a process which engrosses the senses and takes the printmaker into a deep meditative state. I love it! Oh course, it can also be quite frustrating when the prints don’t work out, but the reward of a success print at the end of your efforts is very satisfying! ” – Jane Tonks

Immersed’ Exhibition – September 2011

This solo exhibition was a part of Jane’s Diploma of Fine Arts course through the Western Institute of Tafe, Orange and the culmination of two years of study.

Three Generations’ Exhibition – July 2008

The Three Generations exhibition was a celebration of family art making featuring Grandfather, John Cahill, Mother, Jane Tonks, husband Martin Tonks and her their four children, Estelle, Chloe, Joel and Lily Tonks. The exhibition included watercolour, acrylics, oils and pastels, with each artist bringing their own personal style. Held at the Park View Hotel in Orange, the exhibition was a fabulous success with 50% of all sales being donated to World Vision’s Burma cyclone and China earthquake appeals, raising a total of $3,578 for these worthwhile causes.


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