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Jane is a regional Australian Artist who lives and works on Wiradjuri Country, Orange, NSW. Jane has a Diploma of Fine Arts and specialises in contemporary, expressive landscape painting and printmaking.

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'Refuge' - Recent solo exhibition at Corner Store Gallery, Sept 2023

Click here to view exhibition

Refuge - a poem

A precious lull
A moment of stillness
Nowhere to be, nothing to do
Swept down the pot-holed road and beyond

A deep longing
An overgrown trail entices
Curiosity empowers each step
Through fragile flora and steady incline

I stop
Bathed in bush light
And sense the energy of place
Contemplating country and those who walked before

A silent language
The trees exchange whispers
To mycelium connections below
And scribbled glyphs scar eucalyptus bark

A spinebill calls
From rustling undergrowth
A pair of watchful, wallaby eyes
Reminding me, I am a visitor here

I listen
Immersed in the symphony
Of jovial creek babbling below

Navigating the path of least resistance

I sit
Native bee hovers
Staring inquisitively at fleeting wildflowers
Inviting me to open my eyes to see all that is

Sacred, stillness
Home, habitat
Sanctuary, shelter
Reconnection, refuge

Jane Tonks

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