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Escape Art Hire

Original Fine Art to enliven

your home or business

Quality fine art has the ability to fire the imagination, spark curiosity, engage the intellect, soothe and uplift the soul. Art is a wonderful way to bring colour, life and interest into your home, office or business.  Jane’s artwork varies in medium and subject matter, with contemporary landscape painting and whimsical figurative printmaking artworks a recurring theme. Jane works across multiple mediums including oil and acrylic painting, mixed media drawing, printmaking forms such as etching, woodcut, collagraph, linocut and monoprint.

Escape Art Hire makes fine art accessible to everyone. Monthly hire fees are very affordable and artworks can be rotated at the conclusion of your hire period, so you never have to tire of their aesthetic appeal.

Research has shown that art can have a calming effect on people experiencing anxiety in environments such as waiting rooms & professional consultation rooms. It can also create an uplifting and vibrant aesthetic to the workplace, boosting a sense of belonging and pride.  If keeping your family, clients or employees happy and engaged is a priority, Escape Art Hire is an effective and affordable way to enhance to your space.

To hire an artwork, click the 'contact' tab below and list the title of the artworks you are interested in, along with your contact details. 

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